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Solving the Problem, Not Just Managing it

The current conventional medical model is one based on "disease-management".  We're here to change that.


Symptoms and disease are our body's way of telling us there is an imbalance - which is often nutritional, musculoskeletal or even emotional.  Our approach to wellness involves determining what imbalances are affecting health, and aiming treatment towards reversing these obstacles.  This often helps patient's own bodies heal from within without the use of pharmaceuticals or surgery - but as licensed physicians, we are able to prescribe and perform procedures when needed for comprehensive and holistic primary care.

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Incredibly happy with my experience at PCNM! All the staff are so incredibly knowledgeable, professional and thorough. You will definitely get top notch care here! Highly recommend the Carroll Food Intolerance evaluation and Hydrotherapy treatments!


PCNM is a great clinic with doctors who really care. They take the time to understand me therefore are able to provide exceptional care I never got at Kaiser. I wish I had known to go to a naturopathic doctor years ago! I’m sick of being pushed meds for things I have been able to resolve naturally. Grateful 🙏


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We go above and beyond for your medical care...

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