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About Us

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Solving the Problem, Not Just Managing it

The current conventional medical model is one based on "disease-management".  We're here to change that.


Symptoms and disease are our body's way of telling us there is an imbalance - which is often nutritional, musculoskeletal or even emotional.  Our approach to wellness involves determining what imbalances are affecting health, and aiming treatment towards reversing these obstacles.  This often helps patient's own bodies heal from within without the use of pharmaceuticals or surgery - but as licensed physicians, we are able to prescribe and perform procedures when needed for comprehensive and holistic primary care.

We can help today with...

How We Keep Our Patients Healthy:

Focused on Solving the Problem...

Dr. True seeks to to identify and remove the obstacles preventing your body from functioning normally.

She starts with taking a comprehensive history and physical exam including identifying nutritional deficiencies. 

We'll then complete any needed diagnostic evaluations and put the information together to create a comprehensive treatment plan individualized for you.

Dr. True is trained in the full scope of family medicine, naturopathic hydrotherapy and Chinese medicine.

Dr. Souza wants to be your point person, advocate, resource, and cheerleader.  From a common cold to chronic illness, or a big life transition such as pregnancy to surgery, Dr. Souza is here for you. She will meet you where you're at and PCNM is an ADA accessible, non-judgmental, all inclusive, safe space.

Dr. Souza is trained in family medicine, acupuncture, massage, naturopathic hydrotherapy and craniosacral therapy. 

Dr. Priscal has a special interest in women’s health as well as providing integrative care for people with complex medical issues, including fatigue, asthma, autoimmune illness, food allergies/sensitivities, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and environmental illness. 

Dr. Priscal is trained in family medicine, pelvic floor therapy, myofascial release and naturopathic hydrotherapy.