Standard and Specialty Lab Services

The right diagnosis makes an effective treatment plan

From screening labs such as blood counts, cholesterol and vitamin D, we also provide access to specialty diagnostic labs to help get the diagnosis right.

Specialty lab services are helpful to go above and beyond what standard medical labs can offer, including salivary hormone, stool testing and toxin element profiles.  Many offer insurance coverage.

Determining what is wrong is half the battle, and sets you on a path to fixing it faster.

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Nutrient Analysis and Antioxidant Assessments
CardioIQ Advanced Lipid and Inflammation profiles
Salivary Hormone panels
Adrenal Function Testing
Heavy Metal Toxicity
Environmental Pollutant Exposures
Food Sensitivity IgG or Food Allergy IgE panels
Comprehensive Stool Analysis
Neurotransmitter Testing
Urinary Kidney Stone Profiles

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