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Insurance Plans

with CHP Self Referral Benefit and ND coverage
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For other forms of OHP, please call or message to inquire.

Not covered by any of these plans? We're committed to affordable medical services and health care.  

Contact us with your billing questions or schedule a no-cost complimentary consultation today.

Please be sure to review our Cancellation Policy before scheduling.

We are only able to bill health insurance for patients in Oregon and some Washington plans.  We offer general consultations for clients who have insurance which we are unable to bill, read more here.

> We are In-Network With:

We can check your benefits for you!

Let us know how to reach you so we can help.

We'll get right on this!

Benefits and Eligibility checks are estimates only.  Each insurance company has different coverage, and each plan can have a wide variety of coverage or no coverage for our services.  Health insurance policies are incredibly complex and we will do our best to help estimate out of pocket costs.  We cannot guarantee coverage for all services.


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