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Naturopath Portland: Services We Offer


Naturopath Portland: Services We Offer

We specialize in:


As naturopathic physicians, our goal is to remove the obstacles preventing your body from functioning normally, not just "manage" your symptoms through medication.

Functional Medicine

We take a functional approach to assess your health holistically through assessments of biology and chemistry and optimizing these essentials to health.

Alternative Medicine

We use homeopathic, herbal, nutritional, dietary and structural supportive therapies to help eliminate or reduce the need for many medications.


As individuals, we all have different nutritional needs.  Our goal is to determine what your body needs to establish and maintain health, wellness and vitality.


Spinal and organ alignment can make the difference between optimal function and reduced function.  Nerves can become entrapped reducing neural connections to downstream tissues and even causing pain and suffering.


By stimulating the body’s various systems, acupuncture can help to resolve pain, improve sleep, digestive function, and more.

Preventative Care

We enjoy providing care and promoting wellness for the entire family at all stages of life, including well-baby and child exams, sports physicals, and preventative yearly physicals.  


We use a variety of homeopathic medicines to help optimize your body's natural ability to heal.

Holistic Pediatrics

We provide integrative and preventative care that addresses the full spectrum of your child's physical and mental health.


From screening labs such as blood counts, cholesterol, and vitamin D, we also provide access to specialty diagnostic labs to help get the diagnosis right.


Hydrotherapy treatments help stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms by improving or restoring normal organ function and circulation. 

Acute Care

Urgent Care and Emergency Room medical services can be a pain and even worse, expensive.  For stitches, sudden illness such as colds, flu, stomach flu, fevers, and even migraines we can help. 

Natural Pharmacy

We carry quality researched and tested products to support acute and chronic concerns as well as general wellness.  Order at your visit or online from your couch in your pajamas from one of our partners.


Our providers can consult with clients across the globe!  We offer virtual consultation services for those seeking additional natural support for their condition.

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