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COVID-19 Help

If you think you or a loved one may have COVID-19, we're here to help.  Virtually or in-person, testing and supportive treatment recommendations can help guide you.

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Blood Test


Antibody tests can tell us if someone has been exposed to the virus; whereas the PCR test and rapid antigen testing tells us if someone currently has the virus. The antibody test is useful to determine “immunity” of a person, but more research and more time are required to determine exactly what the means.

PCNM offers:

  • Rapid antigen testing

    • Results in 15 minutes

  • PCR testing through Quest Diagnostics

    • 2-4 day turn around time

  • PCR testing through MicrogenDX as well as saliva PCR testing (which may be more sensitive than nasopharyngeal PCR testing). 

    • 48 hr. turn around time

We also offer rapid IgM/IgG antibody testing with results in 10 minutes, Quest Diagnostics and Vibrant America antibody testing options.



Under Medicaid, testing with PCR should be covered if you test positive or negative and have symptoms under Medicaid. We are not sure about antibody testing.  For antibody testing, we offer both rapid and specialty lab options.  At this point, it’s unclear if the patient OR insurance OR the government will be paying for antibody tests. The hope and current understanding is that patients can later request reimbursement from their health insurance for any specialty lab testing.

For patients who have been exposed or have symptoms, PCR testing is covered through the CARES Act and private health insurers are covering both rapid antigen and PCR testing.  Some employers are requiring testing before returning to work.


We can help you get a test for "Coronavirus" or COVID-19 antibodies right now. A quick office visit is required so we can answer your questions, determine appropriate testing and collect a sample. Book online or call our office for more information.

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