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Dietary Videos

Videos for each individual intolerance can help guide patients in understanding and avoiding their individual dietary needs.  Each video walks patients through:
  • What is a food intolerance and how it can affect your health
  • Most common sources of your intolerance
  • Hidden sources of your intolerance (and all those tricky other names it can go by on ingredient labels)
  • Baking and cooking resources
  • Meal ideas and meal planning
  • Where to find additional resources
Watch the introductory video:
Food Intolerance Basics
Play Video

Recipe Database

Recipes are organized by Type and by Intolerance, making cooking and baking easier.​  Many recipes are universally Intolerance-friendly, making it easier to cook for a crowd or a family with multiple intolerances. 
Snacks and Sides
Dairy Free​
Egg Free
Potato Free
Fruit Free
Sugar Free
Meat Free
Soy Free
Gluten Free
New recipes are added weekly!

Community Forum

Everything is a little easier when you have a community you can rely on.  The Dietary Forum allows patients to reach out to others for recipes, brand suggestions, favorite stores and more, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 
Discussion groups are organized by Intolerance with a General Discussion page as well.
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PCNM Exclusive Patient Resources

PCNM patient-only resources offer support from home for healing and staying healthy.  

What to do for colds and flu
Natural medicine cabinet for home
Most common patient handouts
Free recipe books
and more!
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